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Paintball Addicts provides a wide range of indoor paintball fun for everyone from ages 4 to 99. Our facility will provide entertainment from the not so sure types to the avid and professional paintballers. We offer a Bazooka Ball field with a lot of fun props like our Bazooka High School, the Monster Bazooka School Bus, an 11′ tall Mother Hubbard’s Shoe with Poppy and Branch from the Trolls, and 48″ tall alphabet letters from A-Z and 48″ numbers from 0-9 all spread out through the field to hide behind. We also have a low impact Paintball Splatmaster field with Minecraft props. We have an indoor Western Town Paintball Field with a real Covered Wagon, an old Cannon with Cannon Balls. Our Old Western Town is full of Old Buildings like Bay’s Hay Barn, an Old Church with a Bell, a Sheriff’s office and Jail, an Old Bath House, Hotels, a Saloon, a General Store, Post Office, Jo’s Jerky, Barber Shop, Undertaker, Old Out Houses, and lots more. There are large staging areas, new clean restrooms. There are three large party rooms, an upstairs balcony with tables and a view of the Bazooka and Splatmaster fields. There are also several large viewing windows and viewing platforms where you can watch all the indoor games. Coming soon there will be another indoor paintball field with a Medieval Castle Theme, an Outdoor Military Zone field, and also an Outdoor Full Sized Tournament Field. This is a fully heated and air – conditioned facility. Walk-ins and Parties are all welcome!


Indoor paintball is preferred by most people so that you don’t have to worry if it’s going to be hot, cold, windy, rainy, or even snowing on the day of your event. Our paintball guns are chronographed to a consistent speed. A Chronograph is a special radar gun that makes sure the paintballs aren’t flying too fast and that they are all shooting at the same speed. If guns are turned way up it will sting a lot more, so we test their speed often to assure a consistent paintball experience.


Bazooka Ball is an exciting combat game that allows players of all ages from 4 to 99 to participate in team competition. Bazooka Ball has all the excitement of Paintball and Lazer tag, using specially made 2” foam balls that are fired from the barrel of a paintball gun. If you can hold a paintball gun, you can play Bazooka Ball. We’ve had some as young as two that have played.


SplatMaster’s JT shotgun features a smooth, quick pump action along with a pistol grip for an authentic feel. It’s spring-loaded, and shoots up to 100 feet at a velocity of 110-150 feet per second, which is nearly half the speed of the regular paintball guns, so hits are not very painful, even for children. JT SplatMaster is a specialized form of paintball designed for family, and it is very kid friendly. The paintballs are 100% biodegradable, they are not toxic, they don’t stain, and can easily be washed away with water. JT Splatmaster’s arsenal was built so that kids ages 7 and above and their parents could easily play together. Players have described it as feeling like a snap from a small rubber band. Our Minecraft themed SplatMaster field is sure to provide lots of fun for you, your family, and your friends.


Paintball comes in two basic paintball sizes, a .68 caliber and a .50 caliber. Our indoor fields use only the .50 cal paintball which is .5 inches. The slightly smaller .50 cal paintball has a lot of advantages for the facility and for the players. The smaller paintball is about 1/3 the size of the standard .68 cal so it hurts less and won’t have the same sting. The 50 cal paintballs make a smaller splat on impact which means less paint on your clothes, and less clean up for our employees. With the non staining formula it washes right out of all clothing. The .50 cal gun is much lighter, paintballs and tanks are much lighter as well. Our paintball guns use compressed air to shoot out the paintballs, and with the .50 cal paintballs you don’t need as much air, you can use a smaller lighter tank, and shoot more paint! The .50 cal is not just for kids, it’s fun for all ages 9 and older. No outside paint or paintball guns are allowed on our indoor fields which means every one playing is playing with the same exact gun. No one has an advantage with a faster or more powerful gun. The .68 cal paintball can be used on the outdoor fields and also any player who has their own gun is allowed to bring it or you can use our guns to play the outdoor fields. No outside paint is allowed though!


Long pants and long sleeve shirts are a good idea! Players can wear layers as it will still help soften the sting even with the lower impact .50 cal paintball. If wearing layers, long pants, long sleeves and a sweatshirt, you would hardly notice it, and you should be just fine. Our indoor facility is heated and air conditioned for year round parties and activities.


Parties can be booked for anything from Birthday Parties, Christmas Parties, Corporate Parties, School Dances, Group Activities and all other kind of occasions. You can choose a Bazooka Ball Party, a Splatmaster Party, a Paintball Party, or a combination of any fields. These Paintball Parties are perfect for adults, families, and kids of all ages. We have several birthday packages to choose from. We have private party rooms that can be rented for all of the decorations, cakes and presents. Depending on the number of guests you bring, the day you want to come in, and your budget, we have several options for you to book and play your private paintball party.


Food! We all love to eat. So to make your visit more enjoyable Paintball Addicts provides fresh cooked Pizza, Hot Dogs, Nachos, Chicken Strips, Fountain drinks, Dippin Dots, Freal’s, Icee’s, Candy, Energy Drinks, Water, and lots of other snacks. No outside food or drinks are allowed with the exception of Party cakes.